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Broken Springs Repair


One of the most common problems garage owners will encounter are broken springs. Torsion springs, which are found above the garage door and attached to metal bars, are an essential part of the door’s opening and closing mechanism. Extension springs serve a similar purpose, but will be found on either side of the door instead.

Whether there is a problem with the winding of torsion springs, or your extension springs are unable to relax and constrict effectively, our team can quickly diagnose the problem and offer spring replacements.


garage door springs repair phoenix 


Torsion springs, one of the most common form of springs used in heavy garage doors (which often weigh more than 300 lbs), can fail. These springs relax and contract every time you open and close a garage door, meaning they are susceptible to breaking over time.
In the event of the torsion springs failing, and your garage door not opening or closing as it used to, our team can quickly provide spring repair services. Our friendly Henderson and Phoenix team provide garage door spring replacement services that are timely and affordable. Our quick turnaround time, and the huge range of springs we carry with us, mean we can get the job done quickly.



Our garage door spring replacement service in Henderson and Phoenix isn’t only popular because of our quick turnaround time, the quality of springs we use sets us apart. Our vans are equipped with springs of all sizes, and we can ensure that we install springs that provide the right counterbalance to your door depending on its weight.
With the highest quality springs, the friendliest and most experienced team around, and a two-hour turnaround time, you can count on Sun City Garage Doors for quick spring repair and replacement.



At Sun City Garage Doors, our team of highly experienced, fully equipped and trained technicians can provide the most reliable garage door broken spring repair service around. With more than 100,000 happy customers, our team has the skills and knowledge required to maintain your garage doors properly and keep springs working as they should.

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